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We are a group of passionate, enthusiastic and think-alike professionals, with expertise and exposure on the
new trends and strategies of cross platform communication media.

At Potters Wheel, we strive to provide the most original and constructive communication content for clients on businesses, media relations and communication at large. Our gifted Creative Team fashions the most apt, vivacious and inspiring creatives for - Print, TV, Radio and Outdoor - based on solid product research, strong language skills and most applicable contemporary sentience. We also keep in mind the type of media to be used and when to be used and for how much time to be used, adding considerable value to the media spend of the clients. Given our expertise in research in almost all fields, we have creative teams with technical expertise and copywriters with research background.

Media Relations, our core expertise, is a great way in which organisations and individuals communicate with the public and media. We assist you to finetune your communication, give it the necessary edge and help you reach out directly or indirectly through media to your target audience, giving you a positive image, trusted brand, better sales and revenue, and a strong relationship with them; in effect, we build your brand through PR.

Through our Media Relations and PR team, we endeavour to give the most effective communication strategy and execution support for large scale events. We have a strong internal Content Creation and Marketing Team who can amaze you with original ideas for articles, book, white papers and research notes on behalf of the Management to leading publications, pitch notes for presentations to regulators and Govt agencies, presentations for business forums and chambers and representations to Ministries.

Our Content Team can prepare appropriate internal communication strategies and tools for a transparent and healthy relationship between Managements and employees in your company. Besides core functions, we also offer you full cycle of ideation for any issue, research and analysis & strategising at any level, contributing valuable inputs and identifying partnership opportunities for clients.

P R Agency

01. What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) is the strategic communication process/method that builds mutually beneficial relationship between the organization/individual and the public

02. What does PR do?

PR builds positice news media coverage for your company, its products/services, leaders, opinions, ideas and innovations. Ultimately, building your brand and reputation by increasing visibility, trust and loyalty among target industry contacts and consumers.

03. Why should you hire a PR Agency?

Organizations and individuals should hire a public relations agency when they want to enhance, protect or build their reputations through the media. A good agency or PR practitioner can analyze the organization, find the positive messages and translate those messages into positice media stories. When the news is bad, an agency can formulate the best response and mitigate the damage.


  • potters wheel | P R AgencyBy launching a focused, “project-based” PR campaign.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyBy leveraging your content in multiple ways.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyBy limiting your spend to reach a bigger audience.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyBy making available a senior team with wide expertise.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyBy having an agency with all right tools and approach.
potters wheel | P R Agency

potters wheel | P R Agency


  • P R AgencyDetailed and updated media lists across India.
  • P R AgencyYears of relationships with leading journalists in India.
  • P R AgencyHard core expertise across financial media, especially in Mumbai
  • P R AgencyRegular media visits and briefing to create, follow up and deliver stories
  • P R AgencyClose relationships with senior and inffluentia; scribes in kerala
  • P R AgencyExperts in leveraging media spends for PR


  • potters wheel | P R AgencyVastly experienced journalist and an excellent writer with a deep understanding of global geo-political and economic scenario.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyProvides original and most constructive content for clients on business, media, external relation strategies, marketing and promotion.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyAdvises on digital business strategy, tactical use of emerging opportunities and consumer technologies.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyContributes high quality content for leading publications, pitch notes for presentations, presentations for business forums and representations to the ministries.
  • potters wheel | P R AgencyParticipates in full cycle of ideation, research and analysis and key game plans at any level; contributes valuable inputs and identifies promo opportunities for clients.
potters wheel | P R Agency